Yasir funny expressions during National Anthem, 3rd Test 2016


Yasir Shah’s expression today at the start of the third test is breaking the internet. It happened to him when the national anthem of Pakistan was being sung at the Sydney cricket ground. The way he made those expression was something hilarious.

Yasir Shah already has an ever smiling face. On top it this particular expression has made the day for many. Pakistan despite being in a down position the fans are enjoying their moment with Yasir Shah. Australia is dominating the scenes here at Sydney. Yasir Shah was singing the national anthem and also there was a huge smile on his face. Now the real reason for his smile can only be known to him but the guess is that he was finding it hard to control his laugh because of the accent with which the female singer was singing the national anthem.

This expression today is breaking the internet. Yasir mostly carries a smile on his face. He does not get much serious most of the time. These days he is not getting wickets and yet he is there bowling and trying his best all the time to get a few. The Australian tour so far has come as a surprise package for the Pakistani fans. Before it started majority of the Pakistani fans thought that Pakistan bowling will be their strong point and they can counter the Australian batting with it and that too with absolute ease.

But so far we have seen that the Pakistan bowling has failed completely. Mohammad Amir is bowling well but he is not getting wickets. He is most probably the most unlucky bowler in international cricket at this moment. Wahab Riaz is finding it hard to control his no balls.

After this comes his issues with an attacking line and length. He is wavered and by wavered means a lot here and there all the time. Rahat could not put any impression with his bowling. Yasir Shah himself is a total failure in the three tests so far.

So things are not going in the right direction for Pakistan. They are doing well with the bat so far. They only had one batting failure. In rest of the innings they have played well. In the first test their batting almost made them through but in the end Australia won the test match. The turmoil in the Pakistan bowling is something that is very big issue for Pakistan. In UAE these fast bowlers were performing better than the bouncy pitches in Australia. Quite surprising for many.



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