Nasir Khan, fast bowler from Peshawar, The Peshawar Express


Nasir Khan may be a left arm quick bowler from Peshawar. he’s fully communicative and is commonly remarked because the Peshawar categorical. Shoaib Akhtar is his ideal and as per Nasir he has tried to repeat him all told the domains as a bowler. He needs to bowl like him.

Nasir here is seen bowling to some massive names in Asian nation cricket within the nets. we will see that he has some serious pace. He bowls with AN offensive line and length and makes certain that no ballplayer hits him for a trial. currently that’s some sensible bowling skills shown from this man.

First he’s seen bowling to the likes of Abdul Razzaq. currently that was a powerful show to start out the bowling practice for Nasir. The ball was bowled at a brief little bit of length. it had been bowled at the road of the center stump and Razzaq may solely defend this one.

The next ball to Razzaq was virtually just like the initial one. once more Razzaq defended it pretty simply onto his back foot. Next up he bowls against prophet Yousuf. The terribly elegant prophet Yousuf. The Pakistani muddle order batter pushed this ball from Nasir on the off aspect.

The ball wasn’t there to be driven or cut. it had been that good length which may solely be pushed on the off aspect. Yousuf did identical. He knew that he cannot do abundant regarding this ball thence he simply pushed it on the off aspect with tokenish use of his feet.

This didn’t endure. Next comes Kamran Akmal and Nasir started bowling at him. Nasir contains a pretty swish run up and there’s nothing fussy regarding his bowling action still. He runs in and delivers the ball with all the facility. the road and length has been spectacular from him here. this can be some sensible quality bowling from the young man.

Nasir positively is creating a bearing here. he’s fast and he is aware of his game rather well. Nasir positively contains a future. The selectors ought to provide him an opportunity to deliver. there’s lots of talent in Asian nation. folks have the talents to become sensible players. All they have is correct steering and coaching. If they get the 2 then several players can acquire international cricket from Asian nation. mitt quick bowlers ar forever dangerous. All they have is to grasp the tricks with that they’ll hit the ball within the right space and created certain they take wickets.



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