Musadiq hits 18 balls fifty in T20


Musadiq is a right hander batsman who plays for the Lahore region. Musadiq is a hard hitting batter and he has a reputation of a good batsman in the mile order. He is also one of those batters who have hit fastest fifties in t20 cricket in Pakistan.

Musadiq hit his fifty in an exceedingly T20 game in West Pakistan last year. within the national T20 cup he was within the best kind. He smashed the ball in his innings and there have been lots of sixes and fours hit from this player. Musadiq did a good job for his aspect and won them this game.

The first shot he hit was a six on the leg aspect which cleared it the intentions of him. This was a brief ball and as a result of the shortage of pace on the wicket, Musadiq cross batted this one on the leg aspect. The ball met the center of the bat and went all the method into the stands. This was a mega hit.

The bowler modified his line and length and bowled successive one abundant fuller. The ball was sensible however the shot from Musadiq was wonderful. He simply flicked the ball of his pads onto the leg aspect. The ball all over again hit the center a part of the willow and visited the deep mid-wicket fence for a four. Musadiq was in with an idea and he was corporal punishment it dead. successive hit was over the duvet fielder. This was a slow ball from the bowler and Musadiq simply simply hit the blow out of the water the piece of ground. There was no fielder gift within the deep and therefore the ball touched the fence in no time.

The next shot was another cross batted slog on the leg aspect. now solely Musadiq bent his left knee to induce below the ball. The ball failed to take abundant bounce and as a result he had to bend his knee to position his bat beneath this ball. Another large hit from Musadiq and another six for him. The bowler then tried another length ball and this one went over long on. Musadiq wasn’t property something depart. He was touching the ball from the center when. This was a full ball and Musadiq hit it straight now. He was enjoying the innings of his life. Musadiq created certain that he doesn’t hit something from the sting of his bat. every shot came from the center of his bat. He completely nailed the opposition with the bat that night.


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