Morgan gives a thrilling win to Thunders, BBL 2016


England captain Eoin Morgan gave his Big Bash League side Sydney Thunder the game of the event so far. This was the last game for Morgan as he will be flying back to England to serve his national duties for the England side in the coming few weeks.

But Morgan made sure that he makes his last match of the BBL season a memorable one. Morgan blasted 71 runs of just 50 balls. His innings changed the context of the game for the Sydney Thunders who are still alive in the event.This game was played between the Sydney Thunders and Melbourne Stars. Stars were in the game through the match. But at the same time the Thunders were not behind them much as well. When Morgan came to bat that was the time when Thunders picked up the pace.

For Morgan it was a special game as mentioned above. Final game for the season. He would have liked to continue further but then again he has to lead the England side as well. So for Morgan this was the time when he should go for something big. The way he started his innings clearly suggested that he wanted to make this innings a memorable one. There was a good run rate required by the Thunders and they were trying their best to get to it. This was the main thing that they did not lose their focus.

The game went down to the last ball of the match. Morgan was right up there facing it. Hilfenhaus had the ball in his hands and there were millions of thoughts running through his mind. He wanted to bowl the perfect ball but which one was the question here.

He could have gone on with a short ball. There was an option to bowl a slow bouncer as well. Something wide on the off side. It could have been any ball. Now with these balls there was a chance that he might get away with this one. But the Aussie fast bowler chose the yorker. Now when a yorker goes wrong boundary becomes inevitable. Hilfenhaus missed his yorker by a few inches and that turned out to be a length ball which Morgan was looking for. He went flat batted against this ball and the moment the ball hit the middle of the bat, Morgan started jumping in the air. He knew he has done it. The ball went all the way over the sight screen for a huge six. Sydney Thunders won a thriller at the end.




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