Mohammad Amir bouncer to Renshaw, 3rd Test 2016


Mohammad Amir jolted the Australian opener Renshaw with a great bouncer today. The ever smiling Renshaw despite being well settled at the crease could not read this one. The ball hurried onto him and hit the helmet near the ear.

Renshaw went down but luckily he did not sustain any serious injury. It was a very well-directed bouncer and Amir hit this one with some good pace. Renshaw got the physio out and Amir did apologize to the Australian opener for his ball. It all ended up smoothly.

The helmet did get a tilt. The impact was pretty severe and Renshaw was very lucky that he did not get a serious injury here. He did blanked out for a few seconds but then recovered. The bouncers like these are always very dangerous for the batsmen. Over all it was another day that belonged to the Australia. David Warner must have taken something spicy in his breakfast. He came out blasting runs right from the start. He scored a hundred before lunch and registered his name into the league of countable men who have hit a hundred in one session.

David Warner is the fifty one. Forty years back it was Majid Khan who made such a hundred and after that no one was able to get one until now. Bradman is there in the list of these five batsmen. Warner is enjoying the form of his life these days. Renshaw was the other centurion for the day. He is not out batting on 137. His life was made easy by his batting partner Warner. He attacked the Pakistani bowlers and pushed them back. Renshaw was hitting his shots but not that pace which Warner had on his back.

Renshaw only struggled once and that was on this bouncer rest of his innings was spotless. He did his shots and made sure he gets his runs with absolute caution. Renshaw did stood up after being hit by this ball from Amir. He gave a thumbs up to Amir after the fast bowler went to him and asked him about his condition. It was severe as we can see here that the helmet was clearly dented and it got the tilt on it near the right ear portion. Pakistan once again was left struggling with their bowling. The fast bowlers are not getting wickets and that has put pressure on Yasir in this series. He too has not taken anything in the name of wickets. Pakistan did well in the first test but lost. The second was a tough one for them.



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